Electrical and Instrumentation Systems

Human Resources and Technology to safely solve any inconvenience.

For more than 20 years, ABR IMPIANTI has acquired consolidated experience and ability in the realization of high, medium and low voltage Electrical and Instrumentation systems of several sizes.

The annual training program aims at increasing the skills of our staff and upgrading to new technology and regulations, in order to enable ABR IMPIANTI to offer services in line with the best technical and qualitative standards.

ABR IMPIANTI is recognised as an experienced, qualified and reliable partner of important national and international companies, capable of managing turnkey projects at all stages, from design to installation, commissioning and start-up of complex industrial systems.

The maintenance service sector grants our company long-term contracts. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that our employees work at a professional level with the technical capability to carry out Electrical and Instrumetnation works in complex and hazardous areas with the maximum safety, reliability and respect for the environment.


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Electrical and Instrumentation Systems